Wafika – Uganda – praktik dairy-/ pigs-/ or horticulture

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-My name is SUMMAIYYA WAFIKI aged 25 years, a student of Bukalasa Agricultural College, pursing a diploma in human nutrition and dietetics

I am a Ugandan by birth and I come from the North who are originally and economically known for being cattle keepers and crop growers thus I have grown up practicing agriculture since my childhood

I therefore have practical skills of animal husbandry and am looking forward to achieving my goal in animal production. My family is nuclear in nature. We have always relied on agriculture as our source of income. I love entertaining Nigerian movies plus swimming

I did my internship at DMO’S ANIMAL  FARM UGANDA doing activities such as; Cleaning of the animal housing , Disease diagnosis and treatment, Vaccination, Food mixing, Care of pregnant animals, Castration


All the above occupy part of leisure time. Besides that, I intend to go to Denmark for my internship because I want to acquire more skills and knowledge of practicing commercial agriculture and my vision is to teach my fellow Ugandans the best skills in achieving high quality   crop and animal products through extension working

Professionel/educational priority

Oplever du fejl på denne profil/are you experiencing problems with this profile? Then please contact us on ab-farms@mail.dk – Phone: 0045 97887100 – Mobile phone: 0045 40288060


Sådan fungerer det

Hos ABFarms.dk hjælper vi hvert år studerende og landbrug med at få kontakt til hinanden. De studerende har typisk et stort ønske om at finde en god praktikplads, og landbrugene kan dele ud af deres viden, og får effektive og arbejdsvillige hænder i produktionen.

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