Vinayak – Indien – praktik dairy-/ or pigsfarm …car-license

A determined,extremely hard-working individual with a

passion for working with animals and caring for them

with a high focus on the rehabilitation process.

experienc e with cattle field,started working from

childhood with grand parents at their ranch.

Always willing to get hands dirty and tak e on the tough jobs. A    strong team playerthat contributes to the team efort as a whole.

An honest,reliable,highly motivated,ambitious person with a goal to succeed and make a differenc e in  the animal world A confidentfrontline person who enjoy s educating and sharing of knowledge to help the public to bette runderstand animal welfare.In pursuit of a dream   of gain in more experience in animal training along with animal healthcare

Do not need any special attention to physicall mental- or religious behavior

I am ready to joina farmteam with my two hands an d  interested mind Workaholic with team leadership skill s agree my CV and privat photos will be shown on Farm’s website. Has practical work skills in animal husbandry

Professionel/educational priority

Oplever du fejl på denne profil/are you experiencing problems with this profile? Then please contact us on – Phone: 0045 97887100 – Mobile phone: 0045 40288060


Sådan fungerer det

Hos hjælper vi hvert år studerende og landbrug med at få kontakt til hinanden. De studerende har typisk et stort ønske om at finde en god praktikplads, og landbrugene kan dele ud af deres viden, og får effektive og arbejdsvillige hænder i produktionen.

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