“Gratis” Julian – Uganda – praktik pigs-/ or dairyfarm

Academic/professional merits and interests

Holding a Diploma in Live Stock Management and Entrepreneurship at Labor College of East Africa

I am a very hardworking, intelligent, and creative and career oriented. I am Confident in my knowledge and experience in piggery farming, Dairy farming, farming activities, and this motivated me to enroll for Livestock management and Entrepreneurship at Labor College of East Africa.

I wish to implement my farming experience and turn it into a productive farm where people can be employed, freely learn, consult and observe modernized ways of farming.

I therefore wish to implement all my knowledge, skills and motivation I will have gained from Denmark. I am open to any internship

Placement in Denmark.

Previous Roles

  • Feeding cows
  • Administer medication, and clean waste.
  • Operate milking equipment to milk cows.
  • Feeding and checking pigs
  • Moving and weighing pigs
  • Keeping farm records
  • Ensure that all farming and milking equipment is properly maintained.
  • Work in conjunction with large animal vets to provide herd health management, veterinary
  • Treatments, and routine vaccinations.
  • Cleaning housing and equipment
  • Basic farm maintenance tasks
  • Distributing food to pigs
  • Observing animals for signs of illness and giving medication when necessary
  • Performing facility maintenance
  • Checking for proper ventilation and temperature conditions
  • Assisting with problem births
  • Coordinating waste removal
  • Transporting stock to farms or processing plants
  • Hand milking
  • Feed and caring for calves
  • Undertakes practical activities such as tractors, operating machinery, feeding livestock or spraying fields

Work Experience

  • I am currently working as a Farm Attendant at Family Farm in Uganda

Certifications, driver’s license and other valuable information



Professionel/educational priority

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