“Gratis” – Judith – Uganda -praktik pigsfarm


Academic/professional merits and interests Holding a Diploma in Live Stock Management and Entrepreneurship at Labor College of East Africa in Rwentanga Farm Institute

I am a humble, energetic, focused, compassionate, and dedicated young female who loves agriculture.

I have worked with animals like pigs, goats and cows at our family farm.

This has motivated to want to learn and teach other people how to look after and care for animals.

Previous Roles Feeding of birds, pigs and calves Giving creep feed to the piglets Giving iron powder to piglets Moving expectant mothers Arrange for farrowing Count piglets

Grazing cows and giving them water Giving milk to calves

Assist the vet doctor when carrying treatment Mix feeds for pigs Washing farm equipment’s and houses.

Cleaning of the farm Slashing and bush clearing Remove food left over from pig sty Clean feeding bowls for pigs

Clean the milk cows

Weaning piglets Selection of new gilts for mothering

Work Experience I am currently working as a Farm Hand at Family Farm in Uganda Certifications, driver’s license and other valuable information N/A

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