Haruna – Uganda – praktik dairy-/ or poultryfarm

– Academic/professionel merits and interests

I am a second year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture and extension at Great lakes Regional University.

I picked the interest of  taking care of animals from our small farm where we have 5 cows, I have learnt a lot from home and school about dairy farming for example milking, hay and silage making, treating cows, calf rearing, zero grazing and dehorning. I would like to come to Denmark and have the hands-on training on the new technology that we do not have in Uganda.

– Personal experience/practice with handling farm-animals or similar

  • Calf rearing
  • Milking
  • Washing farm equipment
  • Slashing and bush clearing
  • Feeding cows
  • Removing food left overs from the kraal
  • Feed mixing
  • Castration
  • Treating animals

– Previous jobs and/or internships at farms or in agri- or horticulture

I am currently doing my internship at XXXX Stock farm in Fort portal and my main duties are milking, hay and silage making , record keeping and farm maintenence.
– Certifications, drivers license and other valuable information

My other skills include Effective communication skills, time management, quick learning and marketing.

My hobbies’ include travelling, listening to music and watching movies

Professionel/educational priority

Oplever du fejl på denne profil/are you experiencing problems with this profile? Then please contact us on ab-farms@mail.dk – Phone: 0045 97887100 – Mobile phone: 0045 40288060


Sådan fungerer det

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