“Gratis SIRI” – Dang C. T. – Vietnamesisk pige – ønsker grisefarmpraktik



MAY 2020) – Artificial insemination – Care of dry sows – Checking health status – Treatment of sick – Assistance at birth, care of newborns – Cleaning, castration, cutting tail

HUYNH QUOC PIG FARM, TAY NINH (JAN 2021 – FEB 2021) – Checking the health status of lactating sows and piglets – Treatment of diarrhea – Disinfection of premises – Feeding, cleaning, and moving of sows/piglets/weaners.

WORKER DINH SON PIG FARM, DONG NAI (JUN 2021 – NOV 2021) – Treatment plans – Emergency Pigs Care and Vaccinations – Distributing food to pigs – Observing animals for signs of illness and giving medication when necessary – Assisting with problems births, care of newborns (cleaning,castration, cutting tail, cross fostering, creep feeding)

PROJECT INTERN DAU GIAY PIG BREEDING AND FARMING (MAR 2023 – SEP 2023) A study to investigate the efficacy of a multi-strain probiotic (Enviva PRO) and essential oils (Enviva EO) on feed intake, gut health, performance and microflora on lactating sow and piglets. Parameters: – Predicted body weight of sow at 7 days prior farrowing, 3 days post farrowing, and at weaning – Sow feed intake (kg/sow/day) during 7 days + 28 days – Piglet’s feed intake – Diarrhea rate; Fecal score of diarrhea; Drug treatment – Mortality; Body weight of dead piglets – Weaning weight; 60 day weight

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