“Gratis” – Beatrice – Uganda – praktik at dairy-/ or pigsfarm

Academic/professional merits and interests Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Health and Production Previous Roles Cleaning the animal houses Mixing feeds like hay, silage and fresh grasses.

Milking which is carried out twice every day in the morning and evening.

Feeding calves using bottle and bucket feeding.

Monthly deworming against liver flukes and other worms.

Castration of bulls to improve beef quality. Disease diagnosis with the guidance of a veterinary officer.

Planting foods like beans, bananas and sweet potatoes. Planting pastures at the start of the rainy season.

Routine vaccinations.

Enforce bio-safety measures at the farm Applying fertilizers to the plantation Work Experience Worked as a Farm assistant in Komwirungi Mixed Farm in Fortportal, Uganda Certifications, driver’s license and other valuable information N/A

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