Artur/Alina …. couple for Speciel-Ukraine-refugee´s …. animalcarejobs at the same farm

I have lived in an apartment since childhood,
but every summer I spent in the village with my grandmother, where
I fell in love with animals.
My grandmother had a dog there named Chestnut. Because I was
never squeamish or afraid of animals, my grandmother often trusted
me to collect eggs or feed chickens and pets.
In addition, when I was a teenager, I dealt with sheep. I lived all
summer in the Caucasus, and many times I went out to graze sheep, I
also combed their wool and fed them.
All my life, I’ve had a furry friend living with me. At the moment, this
is a 5 year old cat named Bonifatcy. This is my cat, so I take care of
him as well.
I love animals very much and want to work with them. I know it can be
difficult, but I am ready to learn and overcome difficulties.Relevant information could be:

– Academic/professionel merits and interests
– Personal experience/practice with handling farm-animals or similar
– Previous jobs and/or internships at farms or in agri- or horticulture
– Certifications, drivers license and other valuable information

Hight 189 cm, weight 93 kg, health att.: normal


16.12.2002 DOB

All my life I have dealt with animals, from horses to hamsters.
Every month I go to the village to my grandmother and help with her
animals, such as chickens, ducks, pigs. I can feed them and clean up
after them.
In addition, last summer I worked at the stable. I fed, cleaned,
cleaned, walked and bathed the horses.
Now I have a rabbit in my house. I also take care of him, clean, feed
and bathe.
I love animals very much and want to work with them. I know it can
be difficult, but I am ready to learn and overcome difficulties.

Professionel/educational priority

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