“Gratis” – Alex – Uganda – praktik dairy-/ or pigsfarm

Academic/professional merits and interests

I hold a Diploma in Dairy Industry and Business Previous Roles Diary

Perform daily care for dairy animals including feeding schedules

Plan and direct all milking phases on the farm and implement processes as required

Over see milking operations and schedules Organize the sale and collection of milk supplies

Upkeep facilities, grounds and equipment Assign staff roles and responsibilities Treat and care for sick animals Assist with the breeding of dairy livestock and their births

Prepare farm budgets that balance production and costs

Ensure that farm vehicles and equipment are well maintained

Train new employees on feeding, handling and other duties Order feed, supplies and equipment for the farm, herd and employees Discuss needs and problems with sales and service representatives

Work with outside contractors, farm advisers and veterinarians Piggery

Distributing food to pigs – Observing animals for signs of illness and giving medication when necessary

Performing facility maintenance  – Checking for proper ventilation and temperature conditions – Assisting with problem births Performing artificial insemination or other breeding duties Coordinating waste removal

Transporting stock to farms or processing plants

Work Experience  I worked as a Farm Manager at BK Farm in Kampala Uganda and the above were the roles Certifications, driver’s license and other valuable information N/A

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