“Gratis” – Abel – Uganda – praktik dairyfarm


Academic/professional merits and interests Pursuing a diploma in Animal Production and Management at Rwentanga Farm Institute

I Am a hardworking working young man and this has helped shape me into an extremely motivated person who always wants to develop, acquire and learn new skills and grow professionally.

I am confident in my knowledge and experience in cattle farming and piggery.

Previous Roles Checking for proper ventilation and temperature conditions in all animal shelters

Assisting with problem births Coordinating waste removal Cleaning the farm, houses and equipment

Hand milking twice daily

Bio security control measure Performing facility maintenance, construction and repair of the farm fences and animal structures. • Keeps records on a farm Checks the health status of animals on a farm, observing animals for signs of illness and giving Medication when necessary

Buying farm supplies such as feeds Driving stock to farms or processing plant Ear tugging of the animals for easy identification Rearing cattle under zero grazing and feedlot system.

Animal disease diagnosis, treatment and vaccination

Spraying of the animals with acaricides Cleaning of the calf pens, milking parlor and cans

Branding of the animals with branding iron and ear tags application for easy identification

Parasite control through deworming

Animal body weight estimation and measuring

Helping with problem birth process Work Experience I am currently working as a Farm Manager at Family Farm in Rwentanga Uganda Certifications,

driver’s license and other valuable information Driving License

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